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Avery Bui is a Product &
User Experience Designer 

I started my career as a graphic designer, where I quickly realized the promise that advancing technology offered. I saw a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between this new digital world and our traditional world. My goal has always been to provide unique solutions to everyday challenges.

As a product designer with over 9 years of experience, I've successfully developed diverse products in sectors like Gaming, FinTech, HealthTech, E-commerce, and Blockchain/Web3. I thrive in startup environments and recently transitioned to a large corporation with great pride.

  • 2020: Led a 12-member design team across 9 APAC countries from being the sole UX person.

  • 2021: Took on product lead role at Sky Mavis, contributing to over 2 million daily users on Axie Infinity while being brand new to the web3 space.

  • 2022: Relocated to Dubai for work in high-level finance, another new industry.

  • 2023: Became an integral part of Fathom and Daofin for XDC projects.

  • 2024: Transitioned to DTCC, one of the largest corporations in US finance, leading Composer product.

Please note, that I haven't written a case study in over 2 years due to legal and effort constraints. If interested in recent projects, DM me on LinkedIn for Figma files.

Currently, working as a full-time international remote at DTCC Digital Assets (Securrency)

I joined Securrency as a Product Designer responsible for leading the UX for their blockchain products. As the sole designer in the Blockchain Department, I worked diligently and achieved the fastest releases of my career. Thanks to the outstanding performance of my team, Securrency expanded its product portfolio, and I was appointed as the lead founding designer for the Fathom project. This project turned out to be the company's only profitable venture, which garnered significant attention following its successful soft launch in Dubai.

At Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity), I was a Squad Lead for Ronin Ecosystem. 
My contributions included saving 50% of the engineers' work effort, creating a new Governance system for the Axie Community that brought revenue to Axie Infinity, and securing the network with a Validator Governance System. I also significantly improved Katana, Bridge, AXS Staking, and Wallet, generating millions of dollars in trading volume. 

Highlighted Works


Improve user experience for Ronin Bridge

Ronin Bridge was built for users to transfer assets between Ronin and Ethereum network. The withdrawal gas fee is high! When I joined, Bridge was having a major UX problem and it caused the community frustration.
morflax-things (2)_edited.jpg

How I designed to secure Ronin Bridge after the $625M hack

​In 2022, Sky Mavis got hacked. $625M was stolen from the Ronin Bridge and it took 6 days for SM to find out. We designed a way to prevent compromisers and huge withdrawals. 
Fathom_ Stablecoin
Fathom is an XDC Network native DeFi protocol, launched in 2023 in Dubai and backed by XDC and Comtech Gold, promising to be the most sustainable protocol for financial instrument digital assets.

Design System for Securrency vs. Roninchain

​When still working in Sky Mavis, I helped sustaining Design System on the Pattern level. Here is how different the DS in Securrency and Roninchain has changed my perspective as DS manager and designer.

Digital Asset Composer

Imagine a world where all the financial instruments such as loans, funds, stocks, futures, contracts, bonds, etc... can be tokenized. Composer is a low-code tool that can be used by non-tech people.

Pregnancy App for New Dads

​The project was an eye-opening opportunity for my whole team at the moment. With intensive research and pitching the concept and idea myself to investors, we finally launched it in Malaysia.

Self+ App

Self Plus App is a self-care mobile app associated with insurance policies. Mostly benefits insurance companies :)) 
ipad mockup_home_hhg-min.jpg

​Hellodoctor web

Hellodoctor is a one-stop resource aimed at locals who want to access world-class healthcare knowledge with the least amount of technical effort. 

Area of Interests

Leverage Trading

Send me a request at
​I'm also available on LinkedIn

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